Tech Update.

So its been awhile since I’ve posted so thought I share some Tech Updates with you all what I’ve recently added to my bag. I’ve been seeing commercials on the Golf Channel and on NBC/CBS golf for SQAIRZ golf shoes. Sir Nick Faldo is the key spokesman for the brand so I was looking for some new shoes and thought I give them a try. I’ve had them now for two rounds and I’d say that they have been comfortable so far. I’m still not sure if I’ve actually gained the distance as they talk about in the commercial, but so far so good. They have added stability in my stance for sure and this is probably where you gain the distance due to having a more stable core at address, you can really go for it without losing your balance through the swing path. The SQAIRZ packaging is very classy and they seem to really put some effort into the building of the brand.

Another great thing about these shoes is that they have an option for getting a lifetime supply of spikes for free. This is awesome since we all eventually wear the spikes out from playing. The personal message from the SQAIRZ team in thier packaging is a nice touch as well in building their brand.

Working on my Short Game.

As part of my game I’ve added some new custom Vokey SM8 Wedges to my bag. These Wedges are a game changer. I’ve never had custom configured wedges before and I would never go back to off the shelf after the experience and playability the these clubs have provided. The SM8 have the best control and spin I’ve ever had. I’ve played two round and being able to have the confidence with being able to shoot for the pin and stop it on a “dime” will allow me to drop my scores and really work towards breaking 80 on a more consistence scale. I was able to add NS Modus Tour shafts to these clubs which is what I play with my Srixon Z585 irons. So its a nice pairing and adds consistency throughout my entire set. The other cool feature is you can add custom stamping on the back of the face. 54 and 60 Degrees options.

My 60 Degree
My 54 Degree
The Shafts and Grips

Driver Update.

I’m always looking to improve my driving game and looking for control and improved distance. Doing research and asking some of my golf friends. Lower Spin is the key to adding distance. I’ve been using the Callaway Epic for a couple of years now and have loved the overall performance of the the driver and 3 wood that I have, but they do have a tendency to go a bit higher than I would like and I think I’ve lost distance over the years because of it. Rather than dropping other $500 bucks on a new driver, I decided to change the shaft on my current Epic and found one that promotes lower spin and potentially more distance as a result. My friend told me about Dallas Golf’s custom configured shafts with tipping and that they were really good at getting you the options you need.

So I ended up getting the Project X HZRDUS RDX Black Smoke in a 5.5 regular (My experience with Project X plays a little stiff so that was my reason for the 5.5 vs 6.0)


I’m looking forward to the first event of the season which is scheduled for Oct 17th at the Morongo Golf Club at Tukwet Canyon in Beaumont California. Its the first time Ill be playing this course and it looks like a good challenge. Here is a picture. Nothing like a little desert style Links course.

Till the Next Round….

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