A Tale of Two Sides….

I finally got out to play after about a month off this week. The results were mixed at best so not playing on a regular basis showed its ugliness. The good news was that mentally, I’ve been envisioning on scoring a 39 or better on each side to assure that I’ll break 80. This mindset has really helped in trying to mange the course as I play. The round started off well on the front 9. 3 pars and a bogey in the first four holes. The weather was nice and not too hot so that was the bonus since we’ve had such a hot summer so far.

Views from the Lakes Course

White Crane

the rest of the front 9 was three bogies and two pars to finish for a 39. Not a bad score with some solid ball strikes and putting. The Back 9 ended up being a different story. I’ll sum it up as a “nice walk” because I was completely lost on the back. Driving was decent, but I think I was trying to be too aggressive in getting to the greens in regulation. I think I ended up with 4 or 5 balls in the water on approach shots. 4 double bogies and and a triple bogey was the result.

A View from the 15th

The Score Card.

  • The Front Nine: 5 Pars, 4 Bogies
  • The Back Nine: 4 Pars, 4 Double Bogies, 1 Triple Bogey
  • 7 Fairways
  • 4 Greens In Regulation
  • 32 Putts

I guess you could say that this round was for the birds! Till The Next Round.

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