Pebble Beach…Back in the day.

When you’re a golfer, one of the “bucket list” courses that all golfers want to play is Pebble Beach. This majestic place is an amazing experience (not to mention expensive) just for the views alone besides the challenging and excellent golf course. Pebble is really set up like two different courses in my opinion, the first eight holes are not extremely hard and with some skill and smart play, you can score well. Once you get to the eight hole, after the iconic par three on the 7th, the beast of the course started to show its teeth. We played in the late winter so were fortunate to have amazing weather for our round.

The Par Three 7th.

Playing our Round….Two of my best golf friends: Doug and Dave.

Getting into the back 9 is where Pebble Beach shows its toughness. Nothing is flat, the greens seem to be more tiered and undulating and finally the rough is much harder to get the ball out of. Everything does seem to brake towards the ocean.

The Famous Tree at the Par 5 6th hole.

As I mentioned, for me, the back nice was the hardest part of the course. All holes play longer than the yardage would indicate. We had hired a Forecaddie for the group, which was beneficial in getting around the course. His experience made the golfing of Pebble Beach really fun and helped to navigate this challenging and beautiful course. One thing to remember, due to the beautiful views, your round will take a long time to play due to the people taking pictures and playing “TV Golf”….

The Par 3 17th.

The finishing hole at Pebble Beach is just so picturesque and such a great way to finish a round of golf. It’s really one of those special finishing holes that if you have a chance to play the course, you’ll never forget. This was more than just a round of golf, it truly was a golfing experience. Hard to believe that it has been nearly 10 years since this round was played. It was not only for golf, but it was a chance to celebrate some life milestones of birthdays and anniversaries with my buddies and their wives. I look forward to getting back to Pebble Beach some day and see how I play this wonderful course again.

The Final Hole.

Till the Next Round…

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