A New Milestone…..Breaking 80!

It’s been over ten years since I had a round in the 70’s. Yesterday was the day where all the hard work, club changes, lessons and just playing has finally made the difference. I headed out to my local country club, Menifee Lakes CC to play my weekly afternoon round. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, my ultimate goal was to improve my game and eventually get my handicap back to a single digit. Back in 2019, I had considered quitting the game due to multiple injuries I had sustained from years of playing contact sports and martial arts. I had been in such pain during that time, that I finally ended up getting MRI’s done from my neck down to my tail bone to see what was going on. The results were kind of shocking, I didn’t realize how banged up I was. I ended having 9 disc protrusions (Bulges) ranging from 5mm to 2mm. Degenerative Disc disease, various stages of arthritis, and some tears and fraying in both my rotator cuffs.

The MRI’s

The image above is the middle of my back. Disc compressions (protrusions), degenerative disc disease, arthritis, etc.

The right shoulder/rotator cuff with tears and bone on bone issues. Arthritis.

Enough about the injuries. Let’s talk about the round.

The Score Card.

It was an a really solid round. Seeing the 79 on the score card, really made me happy.

  • Front 9 : Two birdies, Four pars, Two bogies, One Double.
  • Back 9 : Five Pars, Three Bogies, One Double.
  • 9/14 Fairways hit.
  • 5 Greens in Regulation.
  • Total Puts 28: 8 x 1 putts, 10 x 2 putts

Areas for Improvement.

Hitting more fairways, and getting more Greens in Regulation is key to lowering the scores. Continue mastering the short game. Solid putting and the 100 yard or less shots has been critical to scoring in the last couple of rounds.

The View from the 18th.

Coming into the 18th hole. I knew I needed the get a par to break 80. I didn’t feel the pressure, but it was good to have the mind set of what I needed to due to get the par. It’s critical on this short par 5 to get the ball in play and away from some of the obstacles.

The better play is to drive it center right, because that puts you in a position to go for the green in two. If you go center left, then you have to lay up potentially because you have to carry all over the water to get to the green. The green is elevated and not flat at all, so even though its under 500 yards its still a very challenging closing hole. I ended pulling my drive to the left and was just short of the lake with a two hundred yard water carry to the green. I opted for the safe play and hit an iron to about 80 yards short of the green in a safe area. Simple wedge to about 6 feet to the pin and rolled in the par and the breaking 80 was the result. Smart Play and good times were had by all. Till the next round….

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