Sunday Sauce and other topics.

I took a week off from golf to focus on finishing my term in my MBA graduate program, get caught up on some errands around the house and watch the Open Championship live from England. This past Thursday was quiet on the work front so I decided to head out to the Temecula Wine Country and pick up some of our monthly Wine Club selections. The Wife and I are members of two local wineries, South Coast and Oak Mountain. I’m a fan of Reds so both of these wineries have a good selection of some of the best Reds in the Temecula Valley Region.

The Vineyards.

Oak Mountain is one of the favorites because it sits on top of a hill and at this time of the year, the Vines are in Blume and the weather is hot. Oak Mountain also has its indoor tasting room built into the side of the mountain call the “Cave” The food is good, the wine is great and the staff are always nice and accommodating.

Sunday Sauce.

One of my other passions besides golf is cooking. I love food of all kinds, sharing food with others and enjoying the creative aspects behind cooking. As a teen and over my career, I’ve traveled the world and had many amazing food experiences along the way. I think that half of all the pictures in my iPhone are from food experiences.

I’ve developed a deep respect and fondness for foods from around the world. I’ve always loved to spend a Saturday, watching some of the greatest chefs from around the world share their food and teach you how to make it. PBS, Netflix and others have so many great shows to learn how to cook and cook well. This Saturday , I was inspired by watching “The Chef Show” on Netflix. The Chef Show is the creation and hosted by writer, director and actor, Jon Favreau and LA Chef legend Roy Choi. During the episode I watched, Chef Choi shows his version of meatballs and spaghetti which is based on Scott Conant’s Garlic Red Sed sauce from his restaurant Scarpetta. If you’ve never tried the garlic red sauce at Scarpettas , you need to because its a “bucket list” sauce.

While watching the Open, I started working on my meatballs and “Sunday Sauce” to have for lunch and a bottle of Caveman Cab from Oak Mountain Winery. Below are a couple of shots of the cooking and the final plating for lunch. Thanks for the inspiration Chef Choi, this was one of my best.

The Red Garlic Sauce.

The Homemade Meatballs.

The Finished Product.

It was a great and relaxing Sunday. Good food and wine. A chance to watch a new “Champion Golfer of the Year” crowned at the Open…..Congrats to Collin Morikawa on taking it down for Major #2!, and some time too reflect on the past couple of months of work, school and crazy life in general. Till the Next Round!

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