Tech Talk and Back on the Tour

A couple of years back in 2017, I was a playing Tour Member on the Golf Channel AM Tour and played out of the Palm Springs division of the tour. I only played in four events, and not well at all. I had seen the the commercials advertised out on NBC and the Golf Channel talking about the tour and it looked fun. I had a lot going on in life at that time, I had recently moved from the Los Angeles area to Menifee California where I had no local golf friends, a brand new house to take care of, two rescue dogs and a wife that wasn’t really happy with us moving to the middle of “no where” due to my work in the technology business. I didn’t realize it, but I also had some major physical issues with my back and shoulders , an MRI in 2018 uncovered : spinal issues with 9 disc protrusions, disc stenosis, some tearing in both my rotator cuffs, onset of chronic arthritis and degenerative disc disease, too mention a few items. To say that I was in some level of constant pain (and still am on certain days) is an understatement. I recently decided that it was time to start to get in better shape and dedicate myself to playing good golf again. ( I was a single digit handicapper at one time in my life)

The global pandemic was the official nail in the coffin for the Golf Channel AM Tour and it was officially retired in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. I was sad to see it go, but had not realized that it would continue on as the US AM Tour. Today, I decided to to join again and I look forward to playing when the next season starts in Oct 2021. It’s at the season end and I don’t have any status or merits to allow me to play in the season championships going on thru the summer. The other benefit is that I’m now over 50 years old and can play in the Seniors Division. I’ll keep you all posted as I begin my journey on this tour. Should be fun.

RIP Golf Channel AM TOUR.

Tech Talk

This week I decided to take the week off from playing, plus its 100 degrees here in Menifee, I’ve got final papers due for my MBA classes and I’ve played three weeks in a row and I wanted to give my back a rest. I did however add to my golf gear with a new GPS golf watch. I ended up getting the Golf Buddy AIM W11 Watch. I look forward to getting out to try it on the course next week.


The think I like about this watch is that the colors are great and I can see the information in much greater detail over my previous watch from Garmin. You can learn more about all the features of the watch at

Enjoy the weekend all! Till The Next Round….

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