The Band Plays Again!

I’ve been playing with Doug (The Golfsmith), Dave (The Surfer) and DJ (The Tech) for the better part of 20 years. We’ve played many of the courses in the Los Angeles area and have gone on many annual golf adventures to Palm Spring in June for 3 to 5 days of golf (often 36 holes a day), fun and relaxation from our hectic lives. It’s been over three years since we’ve all played together. The last time was three years ago at Indian Canyon South Course in Palm Springs during our annual buddy golf trip. I moved out of Los Angeles to Menifee which is basically a frontier town in the Temecula Wine Country area five years ago to leave the grind, traffic and “Hollywood” attitudes it provided. Plus you can own a 3000 square foot home with a gourmet kitchen & gated community for under $500K which would be impossible in Los Angeles.

We set the date for our golf reunion on June 23, 2021 and decided to play at Balboa Golf which is one of two courses at the Sepulveda Golf recreation area. We had a 9:10 am Tee time which Doug set up since he’s got a resident card and it had easy freeway access for me since I was driving in from some distance. Knowing LA traffic, I left my home at 6:00 am which should have been plenty of time to get there and do some warm-up before the round. We’ll the perfect plans aren’t alway so perfect. My drive was like an episode of the SNL skit “The Californians” since I had to take the 215 to the 60 to the 71 to the 10 to the 210 to the 134 to the 101. The things I do for golf! I arrived just in time for the tee off, cold and stiff from the 3 hour drive which only should have taken 90 minutes. Whats that old saying ” the only thing that is constant in life is Death, Taxes and LA Traffic.”

The Score Card.

The Round

The Round was a bit uneventful. Average Bogey type Golf.

  • Front Nine: Two Pars, Four Bogies, Three Double Bogies. Out for 47.
  • Back Nine: Two Pars, Six Bogies, One Double Bogey. Out for 42. Total for 89.
  • Fairways Hit: 10 for 15
  • Putting : 34 Putts

The 19th Hole.

We always finish off the round with a some food. DJ had to leave so it was just Doug and Dave for lunch this time. Since COVID conditions and rules were still in place. we had to sit outside for lunch.

  • Doug enjoyed a simple Balboa Hamburger and Fries with a Schooner or two of ice cold Modelo.
  • Dave had a heft plate of BBQ ribs and some corn on the cob (not your traditional fair but it looked good. Several Ice cold Schooners
  • I enjoyed the patty melt and fries with a Modelo as well.

Parting Ways.

Its always great to get out and play a round with friends. Not just the golf but the conversation and laughs is what I cherish the most. The last two years have been interesting and life changing for some due to the pandemic and the unknown. I look forward to our next golf adventures together. A big shout out to Doug for the gift of golf and a personalized Vokey wedge he stamped for me. So cool! Till The Next Round!

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